Dave Archer paints with one million volts of electricity and he’s coming to Cannon Beach…

He will be in Cannon Beach Nov. 3 – 4, 2012 at Primary Elements Gallery for the Stormy Weather Arts Festival to display how he does what he does and to introduce his protege, Brent Durand.  primaryelementsgallery.com/stormy-weather-2012.htm

Dave will also be in Astoria for the Nine Days Of Pie ( ninedaysofpie.com ) to help celebrate the release of a book that he is featured in entitled, ‘The Suffering And Celebration Of Life In America’. ( usaodd.com/ )

Dave Archer resides in Roseburg, Oregon. He is one of three artists to ever have his paintings displayed in the USS Enterprise on the Star Trek series… Come out and meet Dave and his student and the artist who is taking over the tesla coil, Brent Durand, and see them paint with electricity live.

For more on Dave Archer, please go to: davearcher.com/