What is Astoria TV?

Astoria TV is a project created by people who actually live in Astoria and on the Oregon Coast about Astoria and the Oregon Coast. We love it so much we want to shout about it to the world!

Astoria TV’s intent is to reach out to those traveling to the area, as well as entertain and inform the locals… We’re here to help businesses get business and to document the stories of the area from the locals who know it best.

Plain and simple – It’s important for us to document the elders, the untold fishing stories, and the nearly lost tales of this history rich land known as Astoria and the Oregon Coast. To do this we’ll also cover businesses of class and quality for cash and trade… smart businesses that understand the person who advertises their business has a business.

Astoria TV targets the young at heart, urban professionals, lovers of history and storytelling, rural recluses, and for the most part anyone looking for entertaining information about the oldest settlement West of The Rocky Mountains!

We love Astoria, so we want to share it’s best stories, hangouts, events, and people with the world. Won’t you help us? If you like what we’re doing support our sponsors, artists, advertisers, and the characters we cover. Know of a good story or a character we should chat with??? Please let us know.


Talking Turkey:

For us at Astoria TV telling a good story is more important than money, but alas money doesn’t grow on trees (for any of us). We offer a sliding scale of cost, and are even willing to do partial trades with businesses we really like.

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